Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Really Damage Your Hair?


Do tape-in hair extensions cause damage?

There’s no denying that correct application can significantly reduce the damage caused by tape-in hair extensions. However, permanent hair extensions varieties will inevitably cause some damage to the hair. Those with thin hair or women who are looking to hide any damage from coloring and other chemical processes may find using just a few tape-ins to add more volume can help achieve a fuller look. Also, because the wefts are only an inch wide and lay flat, the extensions feel lighter and more comfortable. But if they are not applied or cared for properly, this can cause further breakage or damage to the natural hair. Ensure the hair is healthy enough to hold or bond with the adhesive and first-time wearers should do a full inspection after the first removal to check for any damage.

The high-grade adhesive should be considered as well as the solutions used to remove them, as some of these products may contain alcohol or even acetone. These ingredients or products may be harmful to anyone with skin sensitivities. Solutions, sprays, and other products containing alcohol can cause dryness and irritation which may negatively impact the scalp and cuticles of your natural hair. Ensure the scalp is properly hydrated and moisturized especially after the removal of tape-ins, hair masks will also help to prevent any damage from the removal solutions and products.

The biggest mistake people often make is incorrectly applying or removing tape-in hair extensions on their own at home. The application is hard to get right, especially without help and trying to stick or worse, unstick, the extensions can pull and break the hair, causing serious damage.

So, who should wear tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are worth considering if you’re willing to commit to professional application and removal. However, they can cause considerable damage to your hair, so you may find yourself in an endless cycle of trying to grow out your hair and finding it is perpetually damaged due to the tape-in hair extensions. It’s important to see a professional with experience applying and removing tape-ins to ensure the damage is as minimal as possible.

Also, as tape-ins don’t need to be applied and reapplied frequently, they are definitely a time-saver for the girl on the go. They can still be straightened or curled when needed and they can even be reused after removal if they are in good condition.

Other options such as clip-in extensions can be applied and removed safely daily, allowing for more versatility in styles, lengths and color, tape-ins should remain on for a few weeks to get the most out of their wear.


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