Use These Tips to Use Hair Extensions Like a Pro


Whether you consider yourself an expert or are relatively new to the hair field, having some professional skills is always a plus. Hair extensions can be used in many different ways for a variety of looks, and there are countless tips to help you trim your hair easier and faster.

1.Adjust the shading to blend the weft with the layers

Craving the look of long layers or just want to add some extra movement and dimension to your hair without actually making a chop? Unsure how to blend your wefts with your layers? Or do you simply want to add fullness and volume while maintaining the gradient of your cut? Whatever your dilemma, there's an easy way to make hair extensions work for you.

To achieve layers with your extensions, you don't even have to cut them! All you have to do is clip a 2-clip weft on either side of your head at an angle, so the weft is slightly higher near your face and lowers towards the back of your head. This will give you beautiful, face-framing layers. Yes, it's that easy! 

2. Change up the order of your wefts to fit your head

You might opt to clip in the wefts differently so the hair extensions better match your natural layers or you may even forgo a 4-clip weft entirely if you don't want the extra thickness. 

hair extension
3. Stack two wefts together for faster clipping in the morning

This trick is perfect if you're trying to save time getting ready in the morning, or even if you have a smaller head and struggle to fit all the wefts on your scalp. It's also a great technique if you're wearing your hair in a half ponytail or in a fancy updo as you can still get the same amount of fullness despite having less space to work with. 

To achieve this look, simply clip one weft on top of the other before securing on to your head. Basically, you only have to worry about clipping one weft in instead of two and your hair will still feel as thick and luscious!

fshine hair
4. Fold wefts over for extra volume in larger braids

Want longer thicker braids but don't know how to achieve them with hair extensions? Whether it's a fishtail or a french braid you're after, all you have to do is fold a 3-clip weft on top of itself before securing on to your scalp.

We recommend sectioning off the part of hair you want to braid and clipping the weft underneath so that it is braided in with your natural hair. 

Next, begin braiding as desired and you'll end up with a gorgeous, thick, Rapunzel-worthy braid.

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