The Four Most Popular Hairstyles For Summer


There is a saying, "Hairstyle determines 80% of the appearance",
The effect of hair on appearance,
There is no doubt.
a hairstyle that suits you,
not only modify the face shape,
It also makes us feel better.

hair extension

There are generally 4 types of hairstyles.
Straight,curly hair,
Wool curls and small spirals.
hair length, color and shape,
Determines the fashion of hairstyle.

short hair

Hairstyles reflect everyone's different personalities.
and different people's aesthetic standards.

blonde hair

In the blink of an eye, 2022 is almost halfway past, Shouldn't it be time for a new hairstyle?
Let me introduce to you right now,
The most popular hairstyles for summer.

1.Shoulder-Length Hair

Clavicle hair became popular last year,
This year it evolved into shoulder-length collarbone hair.

hair extension

Shoulder-length and clavicle hair look as a whole,
It will be more fresh and cute, and it will reduce age.
And it's very suitable for girls who don't have much hair.

Shoulder-Length Hair


When choosing this hairstyle,
Can be matched with fluffy air bangs,
Adds volume and layers to the entire hairstyle.

2.One-size-fits-all straight hair

This hairstyle looks unruly.
But as long as you choose the right hair length,
Can be very thin.

straight hair

When doing this hairstyle,
The length of the tail cannot be at the widest part of the face.

straight hair

It has a trendy and modern temperament.
With this year's popular digging outfits, revealing belly outfits,
Paired together perfectly.

3.French Romance Curls

The biggest feature of French curly hair,
Just very lazy and natural.
There is no way to be like a French woman,
have natural curly hair,
You have to rely on a curling iron or a hair stylist.
Come on we made it.

French Romance Curls

French romantic rolls are mainly for medium and long hair.
With a slight arc.

French Romance Curls

If the hair volume is too small,
Then burn the roots.
Makes hair look fluffy and natural as much as possible.

French Romance Curls

4.Medium Length Cloud Curly Hair

The curls of the hot clouds are larger,
With cloud-like fluff and elasticity.

Medium Length Cloud Curly Hair

It has a very mixed scent,
Handsome yet elegant.
It is in line with the aesthetics of today's young people.

French Romance Curls

The hot curls of the clouds,
It can also modify the sensuality of the edges of the face,
Makes Asian faces look vibrant.

French Romance Curls

hairstyle changes,
It's not just about image and beauty,
It is also from one side,
It reflects the politics, economy and culture of human society.
So no matter how beautiful the hairstyle is,
change frequently,
To keep up with the trend of the times.

French Romance Curls

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