How To Apply And Remove Tape In Hair

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Four Steps to Apply:

1.Part hair on scalp into section where application is desired 
2.IMPORTANT: please warm to double sided tape ( 70-80 centigrage is ok ) by a straightener before using.The glue in the tape will be in perfect condition and can last a long time 
3. Peel off the label on the tape and apply to sections on the head where the wanted hair is desired 
4. Pull a small section of your own hair over the small taped weft and repeat , and so your own hair is sandwiched between the 2 tapes of hair apply directly by using your hand and press with the double sided tape against the hair you sectioned off. 


    Four Steps to Remove:

    1. Use professional glue remover on the part of the tape
    2. Wait 1-2 hours until the tape remover completely works
    3. Remove the tape gently
    4. You could ask hairdresser to help with remove it.

    Here is a video made by our customer:


    1 comment

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