Why Choose Weft Hair Extensions?


What are Weft Hair Extensions?

A hair weft, in its basic form, is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip ready for your stylist to work into your hair. How the hair forms the attachment of the strip varies. Some are machine-sewn, while others are hand-sewn,such as hand tied weft.

The Advantage Of Weft Hair Extensions

※Minimal damage to your natural hair

Weft hair extensions will not cause any damage to the natural hair stitched together, and heating products and styling tools can be used safely. Weft hair are sewn in your natural hair, which means no chemicals or heat are required. Some weft extensions are connected using beads, which may damage thinner hair. And Weft hair is very suitable for most hair types.

※Provide Different Levels of Thickness

Weft extensions can be chosen, cut, and styled to achieve your own specific desire of length and thickness. your stylist will help you choose and cut your extensions to match the texture of your natural hair and achieve your desired thickness.

※Give you a natural effect.

The hair extension is very close to the scalp. If installed correctly, they look very natural. You can style it as you like

How to Wear Weft Hair Extensions?

Four ways to wear weft hair extensions

  1. Sewing in your hair weft

  2. Attaching your hair weft with glue

  3. Attaching your weft with micro rings

  4. Attaching your weft with clips


How to Choose Right Weft Hair Extensions For You?

Those with finer locks will find hand-tied wefts a much better fit as they’re lighter weight won’t pull on the hair. And also try to attach your hair weft with glue. These put much less pressure on the hair without the need for braids or sewing into them.
If your hair is thicker, sew-in weave extensions will be perfect for you. You will also be able to choose from hand-tied or machine sewn wefts. Ask your stylist to braid a braided part on the hair, and then hand-sew the weft. If done correctly, these extensions can last up to nine weeks

As far as the hair itself is concerned, always pay attention to Remy's hair. This will be natural hair, which means it comes from real human hair and can keep the cuticle collected by the hair intact. This allows the softer strands to blend more naturally with your own natural hair.

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