5 Ways To Prevent Stringy Hair

Stringy ends can make your hair look frumpy, damaged, and generally unhealthy. If you have damaged hair, be it from styling or poor care, you may notice split ends and thinning hair at the tips. Getting rid of stringy ends is easy and treating your hair properly and using preventative measures can help.

Avoid washing hair at night

First things first. Small tweaks in your hair care routine can have long-lasting results. If you’re someone who prefers washing their hair in the night, right before hitting the sheets, then we suggest you switch your hair-wash routine from night to mornings.

Sleeping on soaking wet follicles is bad news for your thin, fine hair. To avoid waking up to stringy, unmanageable hair, a morning shower is your rescue agent.

Blow-dry, but avoid the brush

Swap brush with your fingers. If you are dealing with stringy hair problems, flip your head upside down and try the rough-drying method. Using your fingers to blow-dry will actually lift the roots and add volume to your fine tresses.

Once your hair is dry completely, you can use a brush to tame your mane. However, make sure you are gentle while combing your hair.

Pamper your tresses with the goodness of argan oil

This natural remedy for stringy hair can transform your locks, making them healthy and luscious. It’s best to oil your hair before every wash. Oiling regularly will make the follicles stronger and your strands less prone to breakage.

Keep a safe distance from heat

Use a heat-protectant spray on your hair before using a heat tool, such as a blow-dryer, straightening, or curling irons. Spritz wet hair thoroughly and after hair dries, spray again prior to using a straightening or curling iron. Never straighten or curl wet hair as this will cause damage and lead to split ends.

Cut your hair regularly

Make an appointment with your hairstylist to have the ends trimmed. You can only really get rid of stringy ends with regular cuts, so plan to get a trim once every six to eight weeks.

We hope those tips shall help you banish your stringy hair and get back a pretty and appealing look for your strands. They are all too simple and effective to skip.

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