How to Take Care Remy Human Hair Extensions?


    How to Take Care Remy Human Hair Extensions?

    1. About Wash

    Full Shine Hair Extensions Don’t Need to Be Washed as Much As Our Natural Hair. The Less You Wash Your Extensions, The Longer They Will Last You.  

    When Washing Your Extensions, It's Important You Hydrate Them As Much As Possible. Since Hair Extensions Don't Receive The Natural Nutrients And Oils From The Scalp Like Our Own Hair Does, It's Important to Ensure That Your Set is Always Nourished And Moisturized, As This Will Help Keep it Looking Healthy. We Recommend to Stay Away From Products That Include Sulfate and Alcohol as These Ingredients Will Dry the Hair Out.

    1. About Dye

    Full Shine Hair Extensions That Are Made of 100% Remy Human Hair Can Be Dyed a Darker Color. If You Decide to Color Your Extensions, it’s Always Best to Head Straight to The Salon and Find a Professional Who is Experienced in Working With Extensions as You’re Unlikely to Run Into Problems This Way.

    The Hair Extensions Can Not Been Bleached As They Have Likely Already Been Dyed at The Manufacturing Level.

    When Coloring Your Extensions, We Recommend to Have a Small Strand to Test Before Dyeing the Full Set to Ensure That You're Satisfied With the Results.

    1. About Dry

    It Is Better To Let Your Hair Dry Naturally. Using The Hair Dryer Will Help The Hair Dry Out. If You Have to Use It. A Low Temperature is Suggested. Never Sleep With Wet Hair.

    1. About Sleep

    Always Keep In Mind That Never Sleep With Your Wet Hair. Before Sleeping, Make Sure Your Hair is Dry and Tie Your Hair Back. It is Always Best to Make a Loose Braid Or Ponytail When Sleep. It Is Always a Great Idea to Sleep With a Silk Pillowcase Or Wear a Silk Scarf.

    1. About Style

    Do Not Heat Your Hair When It is Wet. Use Heat Protectant Spray. Heat Protectant Spray Adds Moisture to Hair While Stopping Natural Moisture From Escaping it. Make Sure to Add Some Heat Protectant Spray to Your Extensions Before You Dry Them or Before You Go Out On a Hot Day.

    1. About Swimming

    We Do Not Suggest You to Swim With Your Full Shine Hair Extensions. Avoid Salt Water and Chlorine Water. If You Have to , Wear a Swim Cap to Protect Your Extensions.



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