Everything You Need to Know About Halo Hair

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Halo hair extensions are a newer type that has taken the industry by storm in the category of temporary hair extensions. In the past few years, it has gained tremendous popularity. Today, follow us to learn about some things you need to know about halo hair.

What is Halo Hair?

Halo hair extension is a newest type of hair extension, it will not attach to your own hair. It takes advantage of the natural shape of your head and sits comfortably on your head, like a crown with hidden wires. Put your own natural hair on top of the halo and hold it firmly

The Advantage of Halo Hair

No damage to your hair

It cannot cause any damage to your natural hair. What can’t technically attach to your head will not do any kind of damage to your hair.

Easy to apply and remove

It consists of a simple hair weft thread, which can easily wrap around your head and blend your hair perfectly. And its removal is also very simple. It only takes a few seconds to remove your halo hair. They are much more convenient than extensions fixed with glue or clips. Just lift and remove them.

Easy to maintain

While striving to maintain hair quality, at some point, following long and complicated hair routines will become a tedious task. Choosing a halo hair can help you save some time.

Although halo hair extensions also require some care, just a little maintenance of the halo hair extension wire will ensure that you look great every time you install it. If handled properly, they can last a year!

How to Wear Halo Hair?

  1. Place the hair extension with the wire sitting behind the line.Gently push down to fit over the ears and sit the base of the skull
  2. Use the tail comb provided to pull your own hair over the wire hair extension
  3. Iron yourself hair to match the hair extensions,it would looks natural and more beautiful

How to make sure that halo hair is a good choice for you?

You can consider from these perspectives

  1. Your hair is very thin and you want to make it thicker without permanent hair extensions that may damage your hair
  2. You have fine and thin hair and you trying to grow your hair longer and/or thicker
  3. You want more hair but don't want to cost you a lot of money to maintain it

If you have the above ideas, we suggest you use halo extension


Q:How long can my halo hair last?

A:Depending on the care, they can last for more than 3-12 months.

Q:Can halo hair be dyed?

A:Yes, you can deposit color on the halo. It is made of 100% real human hair. You can take it to a hair salon, professional hair stylist, or dye your own hair at home, just like you dye your own hair. It can be helpful to wash your hair before dyeing it and then air dry it. This will make it absorb the dye more efficiently. Bleaching is not recommended

Q:Why does the halo hair extension not fall off?

A:In the beginning, if you don’t wear it, you may have difficulty grasping it, but it’s simple, it will be firmly fixed to your head at a perfect angle, and your own natural hair does not need to be fixed to it.


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