What is Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair?


If you are frustrated that your hair is not loose enough, then you must read this blog!We will help you analyze the characteristics of the main category and whether it is suitable for thin hair

First of all, what is the hair goal for fine hair?

For thin/fine hair, hair extensions need to cause minimal or no damage to natural hair. It is best to look for hair extensions with the lightest density.

So we suggest that you choose to hair extensions mainly from these three aspects:

  1. Make sure your hair extension does not cause hair damage
  2. Choose extensions that can be hidden well
  3. Durable and natural appearance

We do not recommend you to use these types of hair extensions:

clip in hair extensions

Clip ins is the easiest way to hair extensions. You can choose to take it out at any time. Because the weight of each weft is very heavy, it usually does not hold well in thin hair and they tend to slip out. Long-term use of clip hair clips to put pressure on thin hair may cause hair loss. So Clip in hair is not best choice for thin hair.

Fusion hair extensions: Over time, the removal process of these fusion hair extensions may cause damage to the hair. The removal process may cause a lot of hair to be pulled out. And the installation process also involves heating, which may also cause damage to the hair. So it is not very suit for thin hair.

Micro link extensions: Micro Link extensions are applied to the hair one by one through micro ring beads to connect each hair extension cord to the natural hair. Over time, the weight of the hair extension will pull at the roots of your hair. This can cause your hair to fall out and cause further thinning of the hair

The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair:

Tape in hair:

tape in human hair extensions

Tape ins are generally considered to be the best extension for thin hair. Applied by the stylist, the two weft threads are sandwiched on your natural hair. This method is simpler and cheaper than manual knotting. Our tape ins use us white tape, does not contain harmful chemicals, sticks to the hair, and is very easy to remove. Tape ins will not pull the hair and cause it to fall out. It is one of the best options for thin hair.

What to know about tape in hair? Click here

Hand Tied Weft

hand tied weft virgin human hair extensions

Hand tied weft is sewn by hand. Compared with other application methods, the weft produced by this method is both strong and thin. They are flat, flexible, close to the customer's scalp, and have a more natural appearance without feeling bloated. In addition, this makes them more comfortable to wear and touch. It never matters or is sparse. No need to use glue or heating, almost harmless to your hair

 Hand Tied Hair Weft & Machine Hair Weft


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